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Kinesiology is an fabulous therapy using muscle monitoring, it was created by Dr George Goodheart  in the 1960’s . There are several different methods of Kinesiology and I practice Touch for health which was developed by Dr John Thie in the 70’s.

Although it doesn’t diagnose or treat specific conditions it does show us what the body’s systems need to bring in its own healing potential, balance and harmony.

 I do this by muscle monitoring to find out what the system needs and then using a variety of gentle methods such as Neuro lymphatic points, acupressure holding points, emotional stress release points and alike to help you towards your end goal.

Touch for health has a whole person approach and encourages personal responsibility through increasing our awareness for self-care.

Everyone is always absolutely amazed at their body’s response to touch for health, physically feeling the changes that bring them forward into balance, vibrancy and flow.