"My sessions at Naturally Healing Bristol are amazing. Sarah is friendly, kind, caring and a pleasure to be around.

Sarah has the ability to pick the most effective treatments on a session by session basis while still progressing steadily towards my overall better health.

These sessions give me the confidence and strength to brave the week ahead.

DR   Bristol


"I've known Sarah for 5 years and as I have secondary progressive MS, I have found her treatments have both helped me with dealing with the pain caused by my condition and allowed me to have a greater degree of mobility. Always a source of useful information and good advice.

LT Wiltshire


"After casually speaking to Sarah about arthritis pain I had in my left foot and a pain hip and leg, she recommended that I went to her for massage sessions, after seeing her for only a few times I could feel that it was helping and the painfulness was easing with every session.

I then mentioned that I suffered with tinnitus and neck pain, she is now giving me reflexology, this I find very soothing and relaxing, I still have a little tinnitus still but the neck pain as eased a lot.

Going to Sarah as made a big difference to me and after each session I can walk easier and always feel invigorated, this treatment as also made quite a difference to my stress level.

I would thoroughly recommend seeing Sarah to anyone, a very friendly and professional service.

HK Bristol


"I have been using Sarah’s holistic services for nearly 15 years – she has resolved two painful joint issues for me in that time, both to the extent that neither bothers me anymore. She also has helped me manage my prostatitis and prostate cancer through a series of treatments, which have allowed me to significantly reduce the pain and keep my PSA scores at a low level. I find that with the aid of her regular therapeutic applications and recommendations over the years, my general health and mobility has maintained a very acceptable level and I have no problem in recommending her services to others."

AD Wiltshire


"I started having Reflexology about 3 months ago, and have been having a session every 2 weeks. I tried reflexology, because at times I suffer from depression, and thought that maybe it might help.

At first, it seemed that nothing was happening, but, then I realised that I had started to feel good, and then all of a sudden, I realised how well I was feeling, and how good I felt mentally. It’s really difficult to explain, but, I just seem to be getting my old energy back, and just feel so much better within myself.

LP Bristol


"I first met Sarah on an EFT training course and we later became swap partners. She is very knowledgeable on a wide range of energy therapies and is also highly intuitive and insightful. I look forward to our sessions because I find Sarah so easy to talk to and empathetic. I always come away feeling refreshed and energised.

CR Bristol


"My son has had a lot of issues as he’s been growing up, separation anxiety; tic’s which were very bad several one after the other, problems going to the toilet along with concentration issues and challenging behaviour.

With having the treatments combined with a change in his diet he has changed a lot for the better, he is going to the toilet on his own, only really tic’s now in very stressful circumstances. With regular treatments with Sarah he is great, I would defiantly recommend Sarah to anyone , our life has changed for the good.

GF Bristol


"I found Sarah after looking for therapy to help me.

I had 10 prenatal sessions with Sarah she was very understanding and made me feel extremely at ease.

Over the next coming months I started noticing the areas of my life that I felt stuck in were melting away and I was able to move on with my life with a sense of confidence and not in my past.

SK Bristol



I have felt lost for such a long time, I have suffered so much emotional trauma and I really wanted to work with somebody who could help me process this. I suffer with unwanted thoughts and sometimes they make me feel like a prisoner in my own mind.

I am now able to recognise my triggers, I am able to identify the things that have effected my mental stability, through the matrix I have been able to make peace with thoughts that have haunted me in the past. A weight has been lifted.

Working with Sarah is amazing we just connect on such a deep level, she is so gentle , non judgemental and caring.

Give it a try, you will be surprised, I had my reservations, but after my first session I was blown away. 

 KT Bristol

Sarah treated me with eft early last year.

It had an amazing effect on me and helped me change my emotional responses to certain repeated situation and gave me more control over how I was affected every time it came up.

It has given me so much freedom.

Thank you so much Sarah for giving me the greatest tool to empower myself to move myself beyond the glue. 

SK   Somerset

It was recommended to me to see Sarah as I was having sleep problems.

I have had amazing results through tapping (EFT) my sleep pattern greatly improved after my third visit. Sarah has also helped my restless leg syndrome and other issues which inturn has helped me understand myself and how to deal with them.

Sarah listens, doesn't judge and is empathic. She is very knowledgeable and explains in an understanding way.

Don't hesitate, Book and appointment! 

WH Bristol

I enjoyed my sessions immensely with Sarah, who made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. Her friendliness and warmth comes over in abundance and I would highly recommend her…

C. S Bristol

I have been seeing Sarah for a number of months now and I can honestly say that within those months I have seen a better result than years worth of counselling. I have suffered with depression since a teen and despite numerous efforts I have never felt like it was improving I just felt as though my management of it was getting better.

Working with Sarah has enabled me to get to the root of where my depression resides, how to challenge and retrain my thought process. Each session I leave with immense food for thought and also a sense of feeling generally lighter. Sarah has such a welcoming nature that immediately puts you at ease, no session ever feels like the last one as she always knows what the best therapy for you will be. I look forward to every session I have with her and have not regretted my decision to use her services.

P C Bristol  

I started working with Sarah in April suffering with extreme anxiety. I was blown away by the positive effects I had from just one session alone( by that I mean haven't experienced anxiety to that degree since). This left me intrigued what more I could uncover… I have continued to see Sarah on a regular basis and each session is tailor made to what is needed at the moment and through her ‘box of tools’ I have been able to deal with and understand things from my past, grief and supporting my mother through terminal illness. Through Eft, Kinesiology and Reiki to name a few of her ’tools’ each session has left me feeling balanced, rejuvenated and one step closer to the best version of myself.

She has a wealth of knowledge and with her natural caring nature delivers by far the best kind of therapy I have ever received. I can only say this beautiful woman is a kind hearted soul with an amazing gift to share with the world.

B R Bristol